Want to be part of the LOYAL COALITION Street team and REP OUR SH!T? Want to earn FREE gear? Want to get 10% off EVERY Order on for you AND your friends? 

This is how it would work (It's FREE!):

1. You Sign up with us by sending an email to info[at] with the caption "I WANT TO REP YOUR SH!T"

What to include in the email:

-Your full name, city/country you live in

-Your IG or Twitter account (Make sure to follow us! @loyalcoalition)

-Why you want to REP OUR SH!T

2. We'll send you a confirmation email and YOUR own unique code (This is the code that you AND your family/friends need to use in order to qualify for YOUR points). This code will be good for 10% OFF every single order you place. You will receive a special one time code of 25% off your first order!

3. REP OUR SH!T by posting on all your social media accounts and help us get the word out. SHARE YOUR unique code with family and friends & they'll get 10% off while YOU receive points for every order getting you closer to FREE gear!


Point System:

10 of your friends or family purchase = 1 free beanie + Free Shipping

20 of your friends or family purchase = 1 free t-shirt or tank top (up to $40 dollar value) + Free Shipping

40 of your friends or family purchase = you receive the ultimate combo of a beanie AND t-shirt/tank + Free Shipping

Once you have redeemed your points (at any level) your point balance returns to 0.

Your code must be used at time of check-out to ensure you receive the points.

You will receive double points when your code is used on a purchase of $100 or more.

You will lose your REP status after one year of no activity. As long as your account is active within one calendar year, your points will not expire.

REP OUR SH!T is currently only available to Canadians and Americans. Please check back often ,or inquire with us as we are expanding soon! (Next up - the UK!)

You may contact us at any time via email to info[at] with questions or to inquire about your point balance.


Now get out there and REP OUR SH!T!!